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What type of computer component is a keyboard?
a) storage
b) processing
c) output
d) input

What are the keys on the top row of a keyboard called?
a) home row keys
b) numeric keys
c) function keys
d) tab keys

Which of these is examples of computer hardware?
a) Internet and email
b) menu and taskbar
c) monitor and printer
d) software applications

Which of these is examples of computer software?
a) monitor and printer
b) menu and taskbar
c) systems and applications
d) joystick and toolbar

What is the purpose of using the mouse on a computer?
a) a tool used for controlling the keys
b) a tool used for operating the computer
c) a tool used for software programs
d) a tool used instead fo the cursor

What is an advantage of the limited role of the government in the United States economy?
a) businesses and citizens pay taxes to support government
b) the government limits the number of people who can start their own business
c) the government protects consumer health by testing allergy medicines
d) the government sets prices for goods produced vy various businesses

What is an example of an activity Elizabeth can do to prepare for her upcoming job interview?
a) ask her mother if she will attend the interview with her
b) buy a new green pen for completing the job application
c) make up five names to use for her references
d) practice her interviewing skills with her older sister

Compare business etiquette in India with business etiquette in Mexico:
a) In India, it is rude to have refreshments at a business meeeting
b) In India, tea is served before starting a business meeting
c) In Mexico, business meetings are ususally held early in the morning
d) In Mexico, it is rude to have iced tead during a business meeting

Which is an example of a marketing function for a business?
a) hiring new employees to fill vacancies in the business
b) placing products in strategic locations in the stores
c) producing financial statments for the company
d) producing payroll checks for all employees

Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that want to make their own decisions, set their own schedules and work without supervision?
a) goal-oriented
b) independent
c) risk-takers
d) self-confident

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