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The keyboard, mouse, scanner, and floppy disk are examples of what kind of device?
a) Output
b) Input
c) Process
d) Storage

The twins, Sarah and Sam, want to play a game on the computer. What INPUT device would help them with the game?
a) microphone
b) scanner
c) stylus
d) joystick

Which type of application software would teachers use to keep class records and produce grade sheets?
a) operating
b) database
c) spreadsheet
d) word processing

What is the top margin for the SECOND page of a report?
a) 2 inches
b) 1.5 inches
c) 1 inch
d) 3 inches

What line spacing should be used in the body of a report?
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

How should the title of a report be aligned?
a) left aligned (all the way to the left margin)
b) right aligned (all the way to the right margin)
c) centered
d) underlined

How should the 2nd line of a title (subtitle) be formatted in a report?
a) all caps, followed by a doublespace
b) centered, all caps, bold
c) initial capital letter, followed by a quadruple space
d) underlined, bold, right aligned

What is the proper spacing BETWEEN two references in a Bibliography?
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

What is the proper line spacing after the title
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

In a MEMO, what is the proper line spacing between an attachment notation and the copy notation?
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

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