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After Pangaea broke up, North America became part of
a) Laurasia
b) Gondwana
c) Panthalassa
d) Greenlandia

Which of the following should you NOT do immediately after an earthquake?
a) turn on the lights
b) seek communication with family members
c) avoid candle use
d) all of the above

Earthquakes along the southern coast of California are due to
a) reverse faulting along a convergent plate boundary
b) reverse faulting along a divergent plate boundary
c) strike-slip faulting along a transform plate boundary
d) normal faulting along a transform plate boundary

Volcanic eruptions that occur over subduction zones at convergent plate boundaries are
a) common but relatively quiet
b) infrequent but highly explosive
c) small-scale and non-violent
d) made mostly of relatively cool slow-moving lava

Heat flow from the ocean floor is highest at
a) trenches
b) broad, flat area
c) thick sediments
d) mid-ocean ridges

Compared to silica-rich magma, basaltic magma is
a) associated with quieter volcanic eruptions
b) associated with more violent volcanic eruptions
c) associated with volcanic eruptions of similar magnitude, but faster flowing lava
d) lighter and less dense, making it flow slower

How do tectonic plates move at transform plate boundaries?
a) Transform plate boundaries result in more vertical displacement of lithosphere.
b) Transform plate boundaries have fracture zones associated with them.
c) Transform plate boundaries do not result in the formation or consumption of lithosphere.
d) Transform plate boundaries have less horizontal motion associated with them.

Large ash flow eruptions are associated with which type of volcano?
a) stratovolcanoes (also called composite volcanoes)
b) shield volcanoes
c) lava domes
d) hotspots

Mantle plumes are most common along tectonic plate boundaries.
a) True
b) False

Sulfur compounds emitted from volcanoes increase Earth's albedo, which is the
a) overall temperature of the atmosphere
b) reflection of radiation from the sun back into space
c) percentage of cloud cover over Earth
d) amount of ozone in the upper atmosphere

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