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Which hardware device processes data?
a) cpu
b) keyboard
c) cd-rom
d) monitor

What is one way to safeguard access to a computer?
a) passwords
b) copyrights
c) domain names
d) piracy

What was the original name for the Internet?

Which of the programs below will allow you to create a newsletter?
a) desktop publishing
b) database
c) multimedia
d) spreadsheet

Which type of chart displays bars side by side?
a) bar
b) line
c) pie
d) pictogram

What does searching a database mean?
a) looking for records that meet certain conditions
b) editing the data entries
c) opening the database for viewing
d) ranking the records in the order you need

Which is any example of descending order?
a) Z to A
b) A to Z
c) Last Name
d) 0 to 9

What should an effective presentation use?
a) multiple slides with only main points per slide
b) few slides with all of your information per slide
c) use all the available white space per slide
d) multiple animations per slide

How can the text color on a slide be changed?
a) Font
b) Fill
c) Line
d) Object

If you had a database of names and phone numbers, what would LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and PHONE NUMBER be examples of?
a) Fields
b) Entries
c) Records
d) Data

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