8th Grade FE Practice 3 Pre 2012 Question Preview (ID: 8097)

Exploring Career Decisions Study Questions.[print questions]

Which type of document would be BEST to thank your legislator for coming to speak to your chapter of FBLA? (FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America - a club in many schools)
a) business letter
b) academic report
c) flyer
d) newsletter

In which word processing utility could you find a synonym for a word?
a) Spell check
b) Grammar check
c) Thesaurus
d) Insert tables

What resembles a toolbar, but holds items such as drawing tools rather than buttons that perform commands?
a) toolbox
b) hyperlink
c) menu bar
d) took kit

What part of the computer is used to store data on disks?
a) CPU
b) disk drive
c) monitor
d) mouse

Which type of software allows computers to communicate?
a) communications
b) multimedia
c) system
d) utility

Which is NOT an attachment that could be sent with e-mail?
a) pictures
b) audio files
c) documents
d) packages

What would be the BEST use of a word processing program?
a) type a biography
b) keep an account of money spent
c) maintain an inventory
d) perform a computer search in the media center

What is the vertical portion of a spreadsheet that is identified by a letter?
a) column
b) cell
c) reference
d) row

What should you do in order to save revisions that you have made to an existing spreadsheet?
a) save the revised spreadsheet
b) print the spreadsheet
c) create a new spreadsheet
d) close the spreadsheet

Which function would be used to indicate the largest value in a range of spreadsheet cells?
a) average
b) min
c) sum
d) max

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