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What are the imaginary lines on Earth used to measure distance on a globe or map?
a) latitude and longitude
b) equator
c) contour lines
d) prime meridian

The change in elevation between each contour line on a topographic map.
a) contour interval
b) index contour
c) benchmark
d) altitude

Where does the energy come from that causes volcanoes, earthqukes and mountains to form?
a) Earth's core
b) sun
c) magma
d) tides

Energy that will not run out or can be replenished in a short period of time, like the sun or wind.
a) renewable resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) nuclear power
d) alternative fuels

Where will metamorphism of a rock most likely occur?
a) deep within Earth
b) on Earth's surface
c) in the ocean
d) on a volcano

The process by which solids settle out of water to form a mineral.
a) precipitation
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) deposition

The color of a powered mineral form of a mineral is called its
a) streak
b) luster
c) cleavage
d) fracture

Which of the following minerals will fizz in contact with hydrochloric acid?
a) quartz
b) calcite
c) fluorite
d) pyrite

What is the process in which sediments solidify by the deposition of dissolved minerals in the tine spaces between particles to form sedimentary rocks?
a) cementation
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) compaction

What type of sedimentary rock if made from bits and pieces of other rocks and minerals?
a) clasitc sedimentary rocks
b) biochemical sedimentary rocks
c) chemical sedimentary rocks
d) igneous rocks

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