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If an oceanic plate converges with a continental plate, the oceanic plate is subducted under the continental one. What property of oceanic plates leads to this observation?
a) Oceanic plates are thicker than continental plates.
b) Oceanic plates are older than continental plates.
c) Oceanic plates are denser than continental plates.
d) Oceanic plates are made of lighter minerals than continental plates.

Earthquake waves that travel relatively fast and through nearly any type of material are called?
a) p-waves
b) surface waves
c) love waves
d) shear waves

The focus of an earthquake is the
a) strength of the earthquake
b) place at Earth's surface where the earthquake happens
c) the types of rocks affected by an earthquake
d) point within Earth where an earthquake originates

A curved linear chain of volcanoes above a subduction zone is called a(n)
a) volcanic arc
b) hotspot
c) pluton
d) igneous intrusion

At divergent plate boundaries, tectonic plates
a) slide past each other
b) move toward each other
c) move away from each other
d) get subducted under each other

Which of the following provides evidence that the crust is thin under the mid-ocean ridge?
a) satellite images
b) magnetic anomalies
c) magnetic reversals
d) gravity anomalies

How do volcanoes along divergent plate boundaries generally differ from those associated with subduction zones at convergent plate boundaries?
a) Volcanoes at divergent boundaries have highly viscous magma.
b) Volcanoes at divergent boundaries have thin, weak magma that flows easily.
c) Volcanoes at divergent boundaries have more ash flow associated with them.
d) Volcanoes at divergent boundaries are more explosive.

Which of the following best describes earthquakes along transform plate boundaries?
a) rare but large
b) rare and small-scale
c) common and large
d) common but small-scale

Isostatic adjustment refers to
a) the rising of land due to a change in mass and density after the removal of materials by erosion
b) the folding of continental lithosphere into a mountain range
c) the metamorphic changes that take place during plate convergence
d) the altering of rock material during tectonic movement

Which of the following continental structural components is a large, relatively flat area of ancient igneous and metamorphic rock?
a) stable platform
b) shield
c) folded mountain belt
d) orogenic belt

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