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Jamie is looking for employment and talked to several employers who had set up a career information booths at a community center. Which type of networking source is this?
a) Career fair
b) Community members
c) Family and friends
d) School resources

Louis was contacted by a company who talked with him about his skills that he has that work work well for the company. This is an example of which type of interview?
a) Telephone
b) Formal
c) Informational
d) Group

Which interest category is working with numbers, researching and doing a science experiment?
a) Data
b) Ideas
c) People
d) Things

Picking strawberries is an example of an activity that a person with which learning style would enjoy?
a) Naturalistic
b) Intrapersonal
c) Musical/Rhythmic
d) Interpersonal

Constructing houses, fixing trucks, and gardening are examples of interests that match which career category?
a) Things
b) Data
c) People
d) Ideas

Listing an email address instead of a telephone number on a job search website is an example of which way to conduct oneself on the Internet?
a) Safeguarding personal information
b) Being clever
c) Being professional
d) Safeguarding the Internet

Which is an example of information that Mary Lou should list in the
a) Robert White
b) Counselor
c) Swim coach
d) Ms. Angie

Meredith is interviewing for a sales job. Which is an example of what she should do during the interview?
a) Speak clearly
b) Take off her shoes
c) Write a thank-you note
d) Ask about vacations

Playing basketball, being a member of the science club, and singing are all examples of:
a) interests
b) data
c) subjects
d) things

Being positive, keeping an open mind, and seeing the good in a bad situation are all examples of ??
a) attitudes
b) data
c) interests
d) things

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