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Which situation is an example of SUGGING?
a) A salesperson offers a customer the opportunity to try an expensive product free of charge.
b) A telemarketer asks a customer if s/he knows anyone who would want to buy a certain product.
c) A marketer tells a customer that s/he is conducting research and then begins a sales pitch.
d) A business promotes a product by sending samples to its customers without authorization.

How can using a database to track its customers' preferences and buying habits help a business?
a) Decreases the need to analyze marketing activities
b) Obtains additional deductions for its semi-annual tax return
c) Reduces unnecessary operational expenses
d) Builds strong, loyal customer relationships

How can businesses place a cookie on a user's hard drive when the user visits the business's web site?
a) To maintain sales strategies
b) To prepare financial reports
c) To develop inventory control plans
d) To customize its marketing efforts

Why do many businesses use computerized databases to sort and organize information about customers' purchases, brand preferences, and dollar amounts spent?
a) To regulate the user's access to information
b) To make it easy for the user to find the web site
c) To track the number of times the user buys a product
d) To guarantee that the web site is secure

A major credit card company has hired a marketing-research firm to do a survey regarding the use of consumer credit. Is it ethical to use the information in a marketing campaign?
a) No, businesses should not undertake any non-research activities involving data collected.
b) Yes, the consumers know surveys are just a way to get information for advertising
c) No, the database is probably not a reliable source of marketing information.
d) Yes, the credit card company paid for the research and should be able to use it any way it wants.

What is an important ethical issue involved with the collection and use of marketing information?
a) Adaptability
b) Standardization
c) Confidentiality
d) Commercialization

How can researchers protect the integrity of the marketing information they collect?
a) By organizing it logically
b) By reviewing it frequently
c) By publishing it openly
d) By interpreting it correctly

Why do marketers continue to gather information?
a) Today's consumers are easy to please
b) The marketing environment is constantly changing.
c) Marketers are decreasing their geographic scope.
d) Competition in general has decreased.

Which characteristic of marketing information is represented by: "Benefits of using information should be greater than the expense of gathering the data used to generate the info"
a) Timeliness
b) Accessibility
c) Relevancy
d) Cost-effectiveness

What is an example of marketing information that a business could gather by surveying its customers?
a) Planned product improvements
b) The company's current market share
c) Location of the company's market
d) Financial status of competitors

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