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Nitrogen base that takes the place of thymine in RNA
a) Uracil
b) Cytosine
c) Guanine
d) Adenine

Set of 3 bases on a tRNA molecule, specific to the type of amino acidethe tRNA carries
a) Anticodon
b) Codon
c) Exon
d) Intron

Cancer-causing agent in the environment
a) Carcinogen
b) Mutagen
c) Deletion
d) Intron

A type of mutation in which an extra nucleotide is added to a chain
a) Insertion
b) Deletion
c) Point
d) Intron

Synthesis of a polypeptide (protein) from information carried by mRNA
a) Translation
b) Transcription
c) Frameshift
d) Plasmid

Set of nucleotides in mRNA molecule that does NOT code for amino acids (junk DNA)
a) Intron
b) Exon
c) Oncogene
d) Clone

Type of gene mutation in which a nucleotide is left out
a) Deletion
b) Insertion
c) Point
d) Oncogene

Type of mutation in which a base substitution occurs and one nucleotide is substituted for another
a) Point
b) Deletion
c) Insertion
d) Frame-shift

Mistake in replication of genetic material
a) Mutation
b) Oncogene
c) Clone
d) Transcription

Process of making RNA from DNA
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Cloning
d) Anticodon

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