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A fertilized egg
a) Zygote
b) Sperm
c) Centromere
d) Oogenesis

Second stage of Mitosis
a) Metaphase
b) Prophase
c) Anaphase
d) Cytokinesis

Region where two chromatids joid
a) Centromere
b) Spore
c) Spindle
d) Gamete

Final Stage of Mitosis
a) Telophase
b) Anaphase
c) Prophase
d) Metaphase

Fusion of egg and sperm
a) Fertilization
b) Binary fission
c) Spore
d) Oogenesis

Non-reproducing stage of the cell cycle
a) Interphase
b) Metaphase
c) Prophase
d) Telophase

Interphase and mitosis together
a) Cell cycle
b) Prophase
c) Cytokinesis
d) Oogenesis

Result of meiosis in some plants and fungi
a) Spore
b) Spindle
c) Diploid
d) Chromatid

Forms the plasma membrane of two new plant cells
a) Cell plate
b) Gamete
c) Chromosome
d) Golgi Body

First stage of mitosis
a) Prophase
b) Anaphase
c) Telophase
d) Metaphase

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