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Which of these is NOT a kingdom (in Biology)?
a) Protists
b) Plants
c) Animals
d) Bacteria

How many kingdoms do we normally talk about?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

The kingdom Monera includes:
a) Bacteria
b) Algae
c) Dolphins
d) Sea snakes

The kingdom Plantae does NOT include:
a) Ferns
b) Moss
c) Mushrooms
d) Flowering plants

The kingdom Protista includes:
a) Amoeba
b) Yeast
c) Bacteria
d) Viruses

Animals are divided into phyla based on:
a) Gut arrangement
b) Whether a skeleton is present
c) Symmetry
d) All of the above

The phylum Chordata includes:
a) Jelly Fish
b) Humans
c) Insects
d) Earth worms

All members of the phylum Chordata have:
a) 2 legs
b) Hair
c) A backbone (vertebrae)
d) Teeth

Spiders belong to the phylum:
a) Arthropoda
b) Annelida
c) Cnidaria
d) Chordata

a) are plants
b) aren't very important
c) come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes
d) are a type of algae

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