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Together the atmosphere and ocean current systems help to regulate Earth\'s Overall temperature. The transfer of heat in currents of air and water is called?
a) Conduction
b) Absorption
c) Radiation
d) Convection

A toy car tolls 8 meters in 2 seconds. What is the average speed of the toy car?
a) 16 m/s
b) 4 m/s
c) 6 m/s
d) 10 m/s

Which of these situations is an example of thermal energy being added to water to change its state of matter?
a) Droplets collecting on the outside of a pan filled with cold water
b) Raindrops falling from the sky
c) Puddles of water evaporating during a sunny day
d) Ice crystals forming on a car windsheild

Which of the following examples represents the GREATEST amount of potential energy?
a) a screen door spring fully stretched
b) a helium ballon rising in the air
c) yeast growing in a petri dish
d) water spilling over a waterfall

Which of the following energy types is considered very efficient but also produces dangerous waste products?
a) Solar energy
b) wind energy
c) nuclear energy
d) geothermal energy

Which of the following is a chemical change that can take place to an iron nail?
a) Melting when heated
b) bending when struck by a hammer
c) rusting over time
d) sticking to a magnet

A chemical change always results in
a) a precipitate being formed
b) a change in size
c) a change in state of matter
d) the formation of a new substance

Energy from the sun is required for water to evaporate from the oceans. This energy travels through space by
a) conduction
b) mechanical
c) convection
d) radiation

What action in a science lab transforms electrical energy to heat energy?
a) Warming liquid in test tube over a candle flame
b) Using a hot plate to boil a beaker of water
c) Frowing plants on a window sill
d) Mixing two chemicals which produces heat

Energy transformation occurs when a splitting atom releases energy to heat water to produce steam. How do you describe this energy transformation?
a) Chemical energy to heat energy
b) electrical energy to heat energy
c) heat energy to nuclear energy
d) nuclear energy to heat energy

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