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The Earth rotates and revolves around the _________.
a) sky
b) Big Dipper
c) Sun
d) Moon

True or False. Stars look different in different seasons.
a) True
d) False

Which object revolves around Earth?
a) Sun
b) Stars
c) Moon
d) Clouds

Which object is opaque?
a) Mirror
b) Water
c) Window
d) Book

How were constellations named?
a) Constellations do not have names.
b) Only people in Germany can name constellations.
c) The USA President named them based on how he felt.
d) Ancient people created stories about the stars and their shapes.

What does circumpolar mean?
a) Stars that are in the South.
b) Stars that collide with each other.
c) Stars are only in cold places.
d) Stars that never set in the northern sky.

Which object creates its own light?
a) Earth
b) Planet
c) Star
d) Moon

What happens when light strikes a shiny object?
a) The light bounces back.
b) Nothing happens.
c) The light goes through the object.
d) The light bends.

True or False. Dark colors absorb light and heat more than light colors.
a) True
d) False

When the Moon is completely lit what do we call it?
a) New Moon
b) Third Quarter
c) First Quarter
d) Full Moon

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