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The products of photosynthesis are
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) oxygen and ATP
c) oxygen and glucose
d) oxygen and water

Based on its high-energy requirement, a muscle cell would most likely contain many
a) mitochondrion
b) golgi bodies
c) nuclei
d) chloroplasts

Before a cell divides, the DNA must duplicate itself by
a) transcription
b) diffusion
c) replication
d) translation

Which of the following does DNA, but not RNA, contain?
a) deoxyribose sugar
b) nitrogren bases
c) phosphate group
d) uracil

An example of a DNA nucleotide would be
a) ribose sugar, phosphate, adenine
b) deoxyribose sugar, phosphate, thymine
c) ribose sugar, phosphate, uracil
d) deoxyribose sugar, phosphate, uracil

A section of DNA that codes for a protein is called ____ .
a) nucleus
b) chromosome
c) gene
d) translation

What protein helps DNA coil into chromosomes?
a) histones
b) chromatin
c) ribosome
d) keratin

The complimentary DNA for CAGAT is ____ .

Which of the following organelles contain its own DNA?
a) ribosome
b) golgi apparatus
c) mitochondria
d) endoplasmic reticulum

The beak of a bird is measured and is 2 centimeters long. A scientist would describe this piece of information as
a) qualitative data
b) quantitative data
c) hypothesis
d) inference

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