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The term homologous structures describes
a) same basic structures
b) different structures
c) type of milk

In the early stages of development many animals resemble each other. This means:
a) they had the same mother
b) they share common ancestry/evolutionary relationships
c) they have the same number of chromosomes

Why is studying viruses a part of biology?
a) they are so weird earth science would not want them
b) they will soon be extinct
c) they live inside of living cells

One characteristic common in most terrestrial vertebrates is
a) internal fertilization
b) external fertilization
c) short gestational period

The scientific name for a leopard frog would be
a) Rana
b) Rana pipens
c) leopard frog

Viruses are not considered living because they
a) are asexual
b) produce by binary fission
c) use a host cell to reproduce

An antibiotic kills
a) plants
b) water
c) bacteria

Scientists believe these evolved after cells:
a) bacteria
b) viruses
c) telephones

These non-living things use a host cell to reproduce:
a) maps
b) protist
c) viruses

Autotrophs produce their own:
a) credit scores
b) food
c) water

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