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In IRIS, a blue field:
a) Permits data entry that is optional.
b) Enables the user to perform a search.
c) Requires data entry and does not allow you to save if the field is left blank.
d) is just part of the color scheme and easy to look at.

In IRIS, TMS patients are displayed in red:
a) as a warning to indicate the patient can be difficult.
b) to let you know they live in a time zone you currently should not call.
c) when the patient is 12yrs and younger or 65yrs and older.
d) to indicate they have a specific allergy.

Which toolbar option should you select if you want to erase the current record from the window?
a) Delete
b) Edit Field
c) Clear Record
d) Zoom

Which toolbar icon allows you to switch responsibilities?
a) Compass
b) Flashlight
c) Yellow disk
d) Tophat

Which option is available on the Actions main menu?
a) Close Image Viewer
b) Clear Block
c) Show Navigator
d) Query by example enter

Which requirment is not needed when changing a password?
a) Cannot contain username or repeating characters.
b) Must contain at least one letter or one number
c) Passwords must be at least 8 characters long
d) Must have one capital letter or special character (i.e. $, %, &, @)

Which is not one of the three ways a member can contact our department?
a) Phone
b) Fax
c) Web
d) Mail

Which requirement is not part of our Return policy?
a) Item must not be expired.
b) Must be returned within 60 days of shipment.
c) Item must be un opened.
d) Member must pay for return shipping.

Which two documents will you see the most?
a) ABN and PWO
b) AOB and Re-Order form
c) Log Book and Re-Order form
d) Re-Order form and PWO

What is not one of the main items in the re-order form?
a) Paitent Authorization
b) Name and Address change
c) Signiture and Date
d) Political Affiliation

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