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Name the life function that is synomous with locomotion
a) movement
b) excretion
c) response to stimuli
d) nutrition

The life function that means, getting rid of waste is,_____
a) excretion
b) digestion
c) circulation
d) digestion

Digestion means
a) breaking down of food into usuable parts
b) to get rid of waste
c) to move materials within the organism
d) to manufacture energy

The life function that means the transport of material within the organism is
a) circulation
b) respiration
c) response to stimuli
d) reproduction

Reproduction means
a) to make more of the same species
b) to eat
c) to get rid of waste
d) to make energy

A change in the environment that causes a response is
a) response to stimuli
b) circulation
c) nutrition
d) movement

Sneezing is an example of
a) a stimuli
b) a response
c) circulation
d) respiration

Respiration is
a) making energy from food and oxygen
b) making food from carbon dioxide, water and light
c) making food
d) making energy from the food

A seed germinating is an example of
a) growth and development
b) excretion
c) circulation
d) reproduction

Ingestion means
a) taking in of food
b) getting rid of waste
c) circulation
d) response to stimuli

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