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Bacteria have a form of sexual reproduction called
a) integrationg
b) conjugation
c) binary fission
d) transformation

Of which domains are the prokaryotes members?
a) Archaea and Bacteria
b) Archaea and Eukarya
c) Bacteria and Eukarya
d) Bacteria, Eukarya, and Archaea

On what basis have biologists determined that Archaea and Bacteria are not closely related?
a) They cannot interbreed.
b) They look different.
c) Their DNA is very different.
d) They live in very different places.

Why were Archaea and Bacteria grouped together by biologists until recently?
a) They look similar.
b) They have very similar DNA.
c) They are both very ancient organisms.
d) They both perform the same ecological function.

Which domain(s) include species whose cells have cell walls?
a) Archaea
b) Bacteria
c) Archaea and Bacteria
d) Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya.

Bacteria that are shaped like rods are called?
a) Cocci
b) Spirilli
c) Bacilli
d) Filamentous

What kind of bacterium would be most likely be found in the human stomach?
a) salt-loving
b) acid-loving
c) heart-loving
d) sulfur-loving

Which of the following is a bacterial disease?
a) flu
b) cholera
c) measles
d) common cold

What does a chemoautotroph do?
a) makes chemicals using sunlight
b) makes food molecules using sunlight
c) makes chemicals using food molecules
d) makes food molecules using chemical energy.

What is the name given to the process that bacteria living amongst dead leaves and food scraps use to make nutrients available to plants again?
a) digestion
b) symbiosis
c) autotrophy
d) decomposition

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