Ch. 5 Ancient China Vocab Review Question Preview (ID: 8065)

Review Ch. 5 Key Terms.[print questions]

Yellowish-brown soil found in parts of Asia
a) silt
b) fertile
c) loess
d) Great China Plain

local leader of an armed group
a) emperor
b) regent
c) czar
d) warlord

People who have jobs that carry out work for the government (postal workers)
a) civilians
b) civil service
c) service workers
d) empire

A protective wall that controls or holds back water in Asia
a) dike
b) reservoir
c) canal
d) bay

The military take over of a country
a) blockade
b) tyrant
c) coup
d) civil war

Customs and traditions passed down from one generation to the next
a) heritage
b) history
c) religion
d) ethics

The type of money used by a particular group of people or nation
a) dollar
b) euro
c) coins
d) currency

The beliefs and values or opinions someone has about a specific subject
a) myth
b) philosophy
c) thoughts
d) personality

Having members of the same or similar backgrounds - of the same genes
a) heritage
b) clan
c) kin
d) homogeneous

A series of rulers fromt he same family
a) kinship
b) dynasty
c) clique
d) empire

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