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What is Newton's third law of motion?
a) Force is mass times acceleration.
b) An object at rest will remain at rest.
c) Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
d) An outside force on an object can change its motion or its direction.

You turn on a garden hose and let go. The end starts flying around and water is sprayed everywhere. Which of Newton's laws does the hose represent?
a) first
b) second
c) third
d) none

How does Newton's third law of motion describe forces?
a) as many forces
b) in pairs of forces
c) as individual forces
d) as an infinite number of forces

What is a unit of acceleration?
a) m/s
b) m/s2
c) m2/s
d) kg-m/s2

What does Newton's second law of motion describe?
a) inertia
b) an action causing a reaction
c) the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration
d) an outside force stopping or changing an object's speed or direction

How much force is needed to accelerate a 2000-kg car at 5 meters per second per second?
a) 400 N
b) 500 N
c) 1000 N
d) 10000 N

What is the name of Newton's first law of motion?
a) law of inertia
b) law of acceleration
c) law of objects at rest
d) law of opposing forces

An object stays at rest until what happens to it?
a) Inertia releases it.
b) Gravity overcomes friction.
c) Friction builds up and moves the object.
d) An outside or unbalanced force acts upon the object.

What is acceleration?
a) change in velocity/change in time
b) change in distance/change in time
c) change in mass/change in volume
d) change in pressure/change in time

Which of these is the same as a newton (N)?
a) m/s
b) m2/s
c) m/s2
d) kg-m/s2

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