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Which are renewable energy sources?
a) Energy sources that are continually replenished or replaced
b) Coal, oil and natural gas
c) a resource that will eventually run out
d) resources that currently supply most of our energy needs

Which are non-renewable energy sources?
a) Wind, water and solar
b) Energy sources that are continually replenished or replaced
c) Fossil fuels-coal, oil and natural gas
d) Energy that comes from sources other than fossil fuels

What are alternate energy sources?
a) Fossil fuels
b) Natural gas
c) Oil
d) Energy that comes from sources other than fossil fuels

Which energy source is linked to the economy in our state?
a) Petroleum or oil, also natural gas
b) Wind
c) Hydropower
d) Solar

What are some of the problems with burning fossil fuels?
a) They run out
b) Stops pollution and helps global warming
c) Creates pollution and may contribute to global warming
d) Burning fossil fuels creates more fossil fuels

What locations are good for solar energy?
a) Cloudy, dark areas
b) Bright, sunny areas
c) overcast
d) raining with clouds

Where is hydropower found?
a) Near natural water sources that can support a dam with falling water
b) In the desert
c) Where there is little to no life exist
d) Near cold, vast, treeless area

Renewable Energy is good for the earth?
a) True
b) False
c) Blue
d) Red

Alternative energy sources are needed to meet energy needs of the future?
a) True
b) False
c) Cat
d) Dog

Biomass requires fertilizers and uses a potential food source for energy?
a) True
b) False
c) Victor
d) Gustavo

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