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In a(n) __________ ecosystem, there are very few trees and lots of grasses.
a) grasslands
b) estuary
c) ocean
d) deciduous forest

A(n) __________ is often referred to as the "nursery" of the ocean because baby sea creatures can hide in its cord grass, and big predators cannot live in its shallow water.
a) pond
b) lake
c) estuary
d) river

A (n)__________ is different from a pond because it is less likely to dry up.
a) river
b) estuary
c) stream
d) lake

Ponds and lakes are surrounded by land and have standing water, but a(n) __________ has flowing water.
a) river
b) forest
c) rain
d) deciduous

A forest that has trees that lose their leaves in the fall is called a __________ forest.
a) rain
b) deciduous
c) coniferous
d) taiga

A forest that is warm, humid, and rainy all year is a __________ forest.
a) deciduous
b) coniferous
c) rain
d) taiga

A(n) __________ ecosystem has deep, salty water with kelp, plankton and many large creatures.
a) lake
b) pond
c) estuary
d) ocean

A(n) __________ has brackish water.
a) estuary
b) pond
c) lake
d) ocean

Natural wildfires are beneficial for a __________ ecosystem.
a) Deciduous forest
b) Grassland
c) River
d) Coniferous Forest

__________ are located where rivers meet oceans.
a) Streams
b) Lakes
c) Rain Forests
d) Estuaries

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