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Why is Newton's first law correct even though real-world objects tend to eventually stop moving instead of remaining in motion?
a) Newton's first law does not apply in the real world.
b) Newton's first law does not take inertia into account.
c) Most objects are affected by unbalanced forces such as friction.
d) Newton's first law only applies to objects that are not already in motion.

Which of the following situations best illustrates Newton's first law?
a) Momentum= mass X velocity
b) Friction acts on objects in motion and at rest.
c) A lamp continues to sit at rest on a table if there is no net force on it.
d) When you push on a wall, the wall pushes back on you with an equal and opposite force.

Momentum is best defined as
a) mass divided by velocity.
b) velocity divided by mass
c) mass multiplied by velocity.
d) final velocity minus initial velocity divided by change in time.

Which of the following statements about momentum is always true?
a) Objects in motion do not have momentum.
b) Inertia and momentum are the same for all objects in motion.
c) As the velocity of an object increases its momentum increases.
d) As the mass of an object increases its momentum always increases.

A 0.25 kg ball is rolled across the floor with a velocity of 3.5 m/s. What is the ball's momentum?
a) 14 kg×m/s
b) 0.875 kg×m/s
c) 0.071 kg×m/s
d) 1.650 kg×m/s

The manufacturer of a bulletproof vest wants the vest to be able to stop a bullet with a mass of 0.4 kg and a velocity 1800 m/s. What is the momentum?
a) 720 kg×m/s
b) 740 kg×m/s
c) 820 kg×m/s
d) 4500 kg×m/s

A car is traveling with a velocity of 35.4 m/s. The mass of the car is 2000 kg. What is the momentum of the car?
a) 56.5 kg×m/s
b) 65.5 kg×m/s
c) 70,800 kg×m/s
d) 78,000 kg×m/s

A 0.145 kg baseball is thrown with a velocity of 40 m/s. What is the baseball's momentum?
a) 3.8 kg×m/s
b) 4.0 kg×m/s
c) 5.2 kg×m/s
d) 5.8 kg×m/s

Joan has a physics problem to solve. The mass is 50kg and the velocity is 2 m/s. Her answer is 10 kgxm/s. Is her answer correct?
a) Yes, it is correct.
b) No. her answer is ten times too small.
c) No, her answer is twice as big as it should be.
d) No, her answer is ten times bigger than it should be,

Esme's 0.28 kg ball rolls at 1.4 m/s. Danielle's ball has the same mass but a velocity of 2.3 m/s. Which ball has the most momentum?
a) Esme's ball
b) Danielle's ball
c) They are the same
d) Neither ball had the most momentum

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