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A startled kangaroo can cross a distance of 60 meters in only four seconds. What is the speed of the kangaroo?
a) 4m/s
b) 12.5 m/s
c) 15 m/s
d) 60 m/s

Kim needs to be home in 60 seconds. Her house is 360 meters away. How fast will she have to run to get home in time?
a) 4m/s
b) 12.5m/s
c) 6m/s
d) 60m/s

A friend shouts to you from the other side of a canyon. The sound takes 4 seconds to reach you from 1372 meters across. What is the speed of the sound?
a) 45m/s
b) 343m/s
c) 423m/s
d) 1372m/s

How far could a truck driving down a highway at 110 km/h travel in an hour and a half?
a) 110km
b) 140km
c) 160km
d) 165km

Top walking speed of a fly is 1 cm/s. How far can a fly crawling on the ceiling travel in 6 seconds?
a) 1 cm
b) 1 second
c) 6 cm
d) 6 seconds

Which of the following is an example of a measurement of velocity?
a) 1 m
b) 1m/s
c) 1 m/s^2
d) 1 m/s north

Which of the following is NOT an example of a velocity measurement?
a) 2 m/s West
b) 10 m/s North
c) 10 m/s2 North
d) 5 km/h North

A migrating eagle flies 7.2 kilometers north over six hours. What is the velocity of the eagle?
a) 1.4 km/h
b) 7.2 km north
c) 1.2 km/h north
d) 0.83 km/h north

A dog runs east for 21.25 meters. It takes the dog 8.5 seconds to cover this distance. What is the dog's average velocity?
a) 2.5 km/h west
b) 2.5 m/s east
c) 3.5 m/s east
d) 4.5 m/s east

How long will it take a car driving 10.5 m/s eastward to pass a tree located 245 meters ahead?
a) about 14.2 seconds.
b) about 17.9 seconds.
c) about 22.5 seconds.
d) about 23.3 seconds.

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