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The first Turkish newspaper, Takvim-i Vekai , ______in Istanbul in 19831.
a) was published
b) is published
c) has been published

Until the 1980s, nearly all Britain's biggest newspapers _______ in Fleet Street.
a) are produced
b) have been produced
c) were produced

In the past, British newspaper production ______ by the printers' unions.
a) is controlled
b) have been controlled
c) was controlled

The Sun, Britain's biggest selling tabloid, _______ in 1969 by News Corporation.
a) is started
b) was started
c) has been started

The Times ______ by News Corporation since 1981.
a) is owned
b) was owned
c) has been owned

In 2005, more than 170 newspapers _____ by News Corporation in different parts of the world.
a) have been owned
b) are owned
c) were owned

Fifteen thousand people ______ News Corporation in different parts of the world.
a) are employed by
b) employed by
c) were worked for

Forty millon newspapers ______ worldwide by News Corporation every week.
a) were printed
b) are printed
c) have been printed

Do you know how many newspapers ______in Turkey today?
a) are published
b) have been published
c) were published

The first British newspaper, The Daily Courant, _____ in London's Fleet Street in 1702.
a) is published
b) published
c) was published

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