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What is the best description of what viruses are made of?
a) Protein and RNA
b) Carbohydrates and RNA
c) Protein and nucleic acids
d) Carbohydrates and nucleic acids

What kind of virus infects bacteria?
a) HIV virus
b) Adenovirus
c) Bacteriophage
d) Influenza virus

What is the outside of the virus made of?
a) RNA
b) DNA
c) Lipids
d) Protein

How is the virus reproduced during the lysogenic cycle?
a) Through reproduction of the host cell
b) By using viral enzymes to reproduce viral DNA
c) By using the cell's enzymes to reproduce viral DNA
d) By breaking the cell open and releasing new viruses

How does a vaccine work?
a) It kills viruses
b) It protects cells from viral infection.
c) It prepares the immune system to recognize viruses.
d) It prevents viruses from being transmitted from and infected person.

An antiviral drug
a) kills bacteria
b) destroys viruses
c) strengthens the immune systems
d) interrupts a virus's reproductive cycle

Of which domains are the prokaryotes members?
a) Archaea and Bacteria
b) Archaea and Eukarya
c) Bacteria and Eukarya
d) Bacteria, Eukarya, and Archaea

Bacteria have a form of sexual reproduction called
a) Integration
b) Conjugation
c) Binary fission
d) Transformation

On what basis have biologist determined that Archaea and Bacteria are not closely related?
a) They cannot interbreed.
b) They look very different.
c) Their DNA in very different.
d) They live in very different places.

Why were Archaea and Bacteria group together by biologist until recently?
a) They look similar.
b) They have very similar DNA.
c) They are both very ancient organisms.
d) They both perform the same ecological function.

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