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The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects workers from age-based discrimination beginning at age
a) 18
b) 25
c) 40
d) 65

a) are principles of morality or rules of conduct.
b) are the opposite of ethins.
c) are imaginary.
d) are a form of Greek poetry.

Which of these is NOT true of codes of ethics?
a) the printing department will have work from the first day of business
b) employees will generally know what's expected, though they may have to adapt to a specific situation
c) it should be worded in terms of acceptable behavior instead of forbidden actions
d) companies that have one can more easily identify proper employee behavior

Government is concerned with which of these sets of activities?
a) making a profit and developing mission statements
b) hiring private sector workers and confiscating private property
c) passing gas and regulating law companies
d) regulating utilities, hiring public employees, and providing services to its citizens

In the United States, state and local government mainly provides which of these services?
a) military operations
b) police and fire protection
c) mail services
d) regulating interstate and international trade

Which of these is NOT true of copyrights?
a) They last for the lifetime of an individual owner plus 70 years after his/her death.
b) They can be used to protect any kind of intellectual property.
c) They last for 120 years after creation if the owner is a corporation.
d) They only protect the specific expression of an idea through methods such as music, movies and books

Which of these gives the holder the sole right to make, use, or sell an item for 17 years?
a) trademark
b) copyright
c) patent
d) fair use

Which of these is a copyright symbol?
a) ©
b) ®
c) TM
d) @

Which of these is a type of utility company?
a) gas station
b) bottled water seller
c) natural gas company
d) electrical car charging station

A monopoly is
a) one of many (since "mono" means "one" and "poly" means "many")
b) many of one
c) one company owning all of a type of store in an area
d) a Jamaican parrot

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