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Genetics Vocab Review.[print questions]

The passing of physical characteristics from parents to offspring
a) trait
b) gene
c) heredity
d) clone

An organism that is genetically identical to the organism from which it was produced
a) recessive
b) dominant
c) clone
d) gene

A method in which two individuals with identical or similar sets of alleles are crossed
a) selective breeding
b) clone
c) genome
d) inbreeding

a different form of a gene
a) allele
b) trait
c) dominant
d) recessive

An allele that is masked
a) dominant
b) recessive
c) trait
d) gene

All of the DNA in one cell of an organism
a) genotype
b) geneology
c) genome
d) genetics

The physical appearance of an organism
a) trait
b) phenotype
c) genotype
d) selective breeding

Who is the Father of Genetics?
a) James Watson
b) Francis Crick
c) Rosalind Franklin
d) Gregor Mendel

The study of heredity
a) Genetics
b) Trait
c) Inheritance
d) Geneology

The process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation
a) selective breeding
b) clone
c) genome
d) inbreeding

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