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Select the Main Idea.
a) When the zombies attacked we had to get creative.
b) We burned the staircase to the second floor, just in case.
c) We all went to the second floor and readied ourselves.
d) Mom boarded up all of the windows.

Select the Main Idea.
a) They both stretch a long distance across the sky.
b) The double colors are so crisp and clear.
c) Double rainbows are an amazing sight to behold.
d) One rainbow is slightly smaller than the other one.

Select the Main Idea.
a) They have air hockey tournaments all day long.
b) A lot of cool people go on Tuesday because they know it will be a good time.
c) All video games are half price.
d) Tuesdays at the arcade are the best days to go!

Select the Supporting Detail to this sentence: I fell off my bike and broke my leg.
a) I love to ride bikes.
b) The pain in my leg was almost unbearable when I landed.
c) My bike is a 2200 Huffy that I got last Christmas.
d) I\'ve been riding bikes ever since I was three years old.

Select the Supporting Detail to this sentence: It rained last Fourth of July.
a) I enjoy the red fireworks the best.
b) My cousin once shot his eye out with a bottle rocket.
c) The entire town seemed bummed to have missed the show.
d) Fireworks are made out of interesting mixes of explosive powder.

Select the Supporting Detail to this sentence: I think the ninja mice poisoned the cheese.
a) I saw them sneaking into the kitchen last night, whispering something to each other.
b) I caught sixteen mice yesterday in the trap; they had to have been ninja mice.
c) Cheese is great!
d) Ninja mice are a rare breed of mouse.

Select the sentence that does NOT belong in the grouping.
a) Mexican pizza is a great variation on Italian pizza.
b) There are often lots of different Mexican chili peppers on top, as well.
c) My cousins and I eat Italian, cheese pizza almost every week.
d) It uses salsa sometimes for the sauce.

Select the sentence that does NOT belong in the grouping.
a) Sally, my crazy aunt, does stunts for a living.
b) Her courage and style only add to her popularity as a stunt woman.
c) She has worked for such TV stations as MTV and VH1, performing dangerous feats.
d) I have many aunts in my family, some of which give me money for Christmas.

Select the sentence that does NOT belong in the grouping.
a) Aliens attacked my neighbors, I\'m sure.
b) Aliens and UFOs are still an unexplained mystery.
c) I trembled as I thought about what to do; calling the police seemed silly at the time.
d) I saw the green light hover over their house last night.

Select the Main Idea.
a) Sally was kind to everyone she met.
b) Dogs are a great pet to have!
c) I\'ve had many dogs in my life, but Sally was the greatest.
d) She never barked at the dinner table and was always patient for food.

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