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The neighbors were offered ( ) for their losses.
a) restitution
b) suavity
c) audactiy
d) wary

Alfonso ( ) from behind the hedge to meet Sandra.
a) emerged
b) apathy
c) amiably
d) presumptuous

Water, plastic wrap, and glass are all ( ).
a) wary
b) condoling
c) luxuriate
d) translucent

The people of the town thought that the old lady was a bit ( ) because of her unusual ways.
a) doughty
b) credulity
c) audacity
d) dotty

The smell was ( ) from the dog after it came back in from the rain.
a) vexed
b) emanating
c) withering
d) acute

I ( ) from telling my brother what I thought about his outift.
a) convoy
b) menacing
c) refrained
d) koi

The author had the ( ) to promote her book during the interview.
a) acute
b) malicious
c) porter
d) audacity

The soldier was honored for his ( ) deeds.
a) dotty
b) extricate
c) doughty
d) refrained

Alfonso was so proud that the muscles on his stomach were ( ).
a) malicious
b) impulse
c) apparent
d) sullen

( )are brightly colored fish that make a great addition to any pond.
a) facades
b) koi
c) colossal
d) dilapidated

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