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Matter is anything that has mass and volume. Which of the following is not a matter?
a) Air
b) Water
c) Table
d) Light

Which of the following substances exist in the liquid state at room temperature?
a) Iron
b) Air
c) Oil
d) Sand

Matter can change its physical state depending on temperature. What happens if water is cooled?
a) Water changes into water vapor.
b) Water changes from liquid state into solid state.
c) Water changes from solid state into liquid state.
d) Water vapor changes into water.

When water is heated, it changes into ...........
a) Ice
b) Solid state
c) Liquid state
d) Water vapor

a) Take the shape of their containers.
b) Fill all the space available.
c) Have definite shape.
d) Have no definite volume.

A substance (X) fills all the space available. It exists in the ........... at room temperature.
a) Solid state
b) Liquid state
c) Gaseous state

A pure substance consists only of one substance. Which of the following is not a pure substance?
a) Water
b) Air
c) Sugar
d) Iron

A mixture consists of many substances. Which of the following is not a mixture?
a) Sea water
b) Salad
c) Oxygen gas
d) Carbonated drink "Pepsi"

Mixtures can be homogeneous or heterogeneous. A homogeneous mixture is formed of:
a) One phase.
b) Two phases.
c) Three phases.
d) Many phases.

Muddy water is a:
a) Pure substance.
b) Homogeneous mixture.
c) Heterogeneous mixture.

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