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What is Solar Wind?
a) A stream of electrically charged particles
b) A strong gust of wind that blows from the Sun.
c) Energy that comes from the Sun.
d) A hurricane originating from the Sun.

What portion of the Sun is the hottest?
a) Corona
b) Core
c) Atmosphere
d) Sunspots

What is a sunspot?
a) A darker area of the Sun that is hotter than the rest.
b) A spot humans get from too much exposure to the Sun.
c) Disturbance on the Sun, that is darker and cooler.
d) An area of the Sun that all the energy comes from.

Which portion of the Sun's energy can we see?
a) X-rays
b) Ultraviolet energy
c) Infrared energy
d) White light

What are some of the dangers of UV light?
a) All of the choices
b) Skin cancer
c) Aging of the Skin
d) Eye Damage

Which part of visible light is the lowest in energy?
a) Red
b) None of the answers
c) Blue
d) Orange

What is the process called that the Sun makes energy?
a) Sunstroke
b) Pressure cooking
c) Nuclear fusion
d) Convection

What does the ozone layer protect us from?
a) Solar wind
b) Auroras or bright lights
c) Asteroids
d) Ultra violet energy

How far is the Sun from the EArth?
a) 100,000,000 Km
b) 93,000,000 Km
c) 150,000,000 Km
d) 150,000,000 miles

What does the magnetosphere protect us?
a) Infrared energy
b) X-rays
c) Solar wind
d) Gamma Waves

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