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alcohol use causes
a) cirrhosis
b) fatty liver
c) alcoholism
d) all of the above

cigarettes cause
a) lung cancer
b) chronic bronchitis
c) emphysema
d) all of the above

the addicting chemical in cigarettes is
a) nicotine
b) rat poison
c) formeldahyde
d) battery acid

the legal drinking age in WI is
a) 21
b) 18
c) 22
d) 35

heroin is a
a) narcotic
b) depressant
c) stimulant
d) tobacco product

teenages drink alcohol to
a) feel good
b) be cool
c) relax
d) all of the above

nicotine is a
a) stimulant
b) depressant
c) hallucinogen
d) narcotic

Marijuana's main chemical is
a) DDT
b) THC
c) BAC
d) delta 7

alcohol is a
a) depressant
b) hallucinogen
c) tobacco product
d) stimulant

A drink equals
a) 1.5 ounces hard liquor
b) all of the above
c) 12 ounces of beer
d) 5 ounces of wine

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