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The word processing feature that checks selected words in a document for grammatical errors.
a) Grammar Check
b) Spell Check
c) Margins
d) Font

Allow you to quickly access frequently used functions.
a) Arrow Keys
b) Formatting
c) Clipboard
d) Function Keys

The way text appears, for example: bold, underline, all caps, with color.
a) Editing
b) Formatting
c) Texting
d) Alignment

Allows you to type information below the bottom margin of each page of a document.
a) Footer
b) Header
c) Font
d) Word Wrap

Allows you to type information above the top margin of each page of a document.
a) Footer
b) Justified
c) Header
d) Menu Bar

When text is centered between the left and right margins, commonly used when creating invitations, annoucnments, and title pages.
a) Horizontal Centering
b) Right Align
c) Justified
d) Left Align

The alignment of text along the left and right margin, leaving no jagged edges.
a) Line Spacing
b) Justified
c) Right Align
d) Left Align

The page orientation in which the width of the page is greater than the height
a) Landscape
b) Orientation
c) Portrait
d) Line Spacing

The alignment of text along the left margin leaving a jagged right margin.
a) Right Align
b) Center Align
c) Justified
d) Left Align

The spacing between lines of text within a document.
a) Line Spacing
b) Margins
c) Word Processing
d) Vertical Centering

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