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Of all the Hanukkah gifts in Act 1 Scene 5, which one also appears in Act 1 Scene 1 of the play?
a) Mr. Frank\'s scarf
b) Peter\'s razor
c) Mrs. Frank\'s IOU
d) Margot\'s crossword book

Mr. Dussel is
a) the dictator of Nazi Germany
b) a man who sells black market ration books
c) a dentist who joins the families in hiding
d) Miep's boyfriend

What detail suggests that Mr. Dussel may be a hypochondriac?
a) he is in shock about having to go into hiding
b) he starts wheezing, coughing, and sneezing when Peter pretends to have his cat hidden in his coat
c) he is Dirk\'s friend
d) he claims to be good with children

Why do people think the Franks have escaped to Switzerland?
a) Miep and Mr. Kraler told this to the Nazis
b) the Nazis forced Jopie and her family to tell them where the Franks had gone
c) Mr. Frank left a Switzerland address in the trash can for the Nazis to find
d) Anne wrote about it in the diary that she left at her house for the Nazis to find

How does Mr. Van Daan feel about letting another person into the hiding place?
a) he is happy to do it
b) he is worried that there won\'t be enough food
c) he thinks the person should pay rent while he is there
d) he is worried that it is a trick

How do the playwrights signal to the audience that Act 1 Scene 2 begins a flashback?
a) Mr. Frank tells Miep and Kraler that he wants to talk about the family he has lost
b) There is no flashback in the play
c) A narrator informs the audience that the setting is about to change
d) As Mr. Frank is reading Anne\'s diary aloud, his voice gradually fades out and hers takes over

The setting of Act 1 Scene 1 is
a) Germany, 1942
b) Zurich, Switzerland, 1945
c) Amsterdam, Holland, 1945
d) Amsterdam, Holland, 1942

Why does the thief run away in Act 1 Scene 5
a) Moushi escapes from the hiding place and frightens him
b) Peter falls and knocks over a chair while trying to turn out the light
c) Mr. Kraler and Miep catch him in the act of stealing
d) Mr. Frank confronts him

What is IRONIC about Mrs. Frank\'s unwillingness to use illegal ration books?
a) the food isn't very expensive
b) hiding from the Nazis is illegal
c) they will be getting more than their fair share of food
d) Miep and Mr. Kraler pay for everything

What terrible news does Mr. Dussel bring Anne?
a) Peter's cat has run away
b) the Nazis have discovered the hiding place
c) Miep has been injured
d) The Nazis have taken Anne\'s best friend, Jopie

Why does Mr. Frank help the Van Daans by sharing his hiding place?
a) Mr. Van Daan threatens to reaveal the hiding place to the Nazis
b) Mr. Van Daan helped the Franks when they first moved to Amsterdam
c) The Van Daans pay him a lot of money
d) Mrs. Van Daan wants Peter and Anne to fall in love and get married

The lighting of the match in the stage directions for Act 1 Scene 4, foreshadows which of the following:
a) Mr. Van Daan has been stealing food at night
b) Margot is secretly in love with Peter
c) Mrs. Van Daan serves large portions of food to her husband
d) Their Hanukkah celebration has begun

The Frank's hiding place, or Secret Annex is:
a) in Mr. Kraler's basement
b) in the attic of the Frank family's home
c) in the basement of the factory
d) in the attic space of Mr. Frank's former business

Which statement is true of Mrs. Van Daan?
a) she is used to the best that money can buy
b) she likes to talk about her old boyfriends
c) she flirts with Mr. Frank
d) all of the other answer choices are correct

Mrs. Frank makes Anne share a room with Mr. Dussel because:
a) Margot is too old to share a room with a man
b) She and Mr. Frank would rather have Margot with them
c) Mr. Dussel thinks Margot talks too much
d) Anne does not have to share a room with Mr. Dussel

According to Act 1, who gives Anne her diary?
a) her father gives it to her
b) Mr. Van Daan gives it to her to keep her quiet
c) Margot gives it to her
d) Jopie gives it to her as a going-away present

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