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What is compost made of?
a) Dirt and leaves
b) Old food and leaves
c) Old food, leaves, fungi, and worms
d) Old food, leaves, and organisms

Is dirt alive?
a) Yes
b) No

What is the root word of compost?
a) Compose
b) Pose
c) Compote

What is the root word of decompose?
a) Compose
b) Pose
c) Compost
d) Compote

What does compose mean?
a) To do
b) To live
c) To make
d) To grow

Is dirt safe to eat?
a) Yes
b) No

If you were to compare the Earth to a human, what would dirt be?
a) ash
b) body
c) hair
d) skin

In most creation stories, humans are made from what substance?
a) a form of air
b) a form of dirt
c) a form of water
d) a form of energy

Why is dirt important to plants?
a) It gives plants a place to root
b) Dirt gives plants nutrients
c) It filters water
d) All the above

What is subsoil made of?
a) clay and rock
b) rock, sand, clay, gravel and silt
c) gravel, clay and sand
d) bedrock

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