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What part of the oceans sustains the most forms of life
a) abyss
b) basin
c) continental shelf

Tides are caused by
a) the moon and sun
b) Mars
c) tornadoes

Protist Kingdom reproduces by
a) swimming
b) dividing
c) sleeping

Maple trees grow to be very tall because they are
a) spores
b) mosses
c) vascular

The abyss is the
a) deepest part of the ocean
b) shallowest part of the ocean
c) a cartoon

The sun is responsible for producing energy for
a) food chains
b) habitats
c) niches

The animal kingdom is divided into
a) strange groups
b) vertebrates and invertebrates
c) countires

The percentage of the Earth’s surface that is covered with water is
a) 10
b) 30
c) 70

What happens as the ocean gets deeper
a) temperature increases
b) pressure increases
c) light increases

The continental shelf is where
a) volcanoes erupt
b) most sea life live
c) to place your science book

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