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Which mineral is the most resistant to weathering
a) calcite
b) quarts,
c) mica,

The Himalayan Mountains were probably formed when
a) they slid away from North America
b) stuff just happens
c) Asian tectonic plate collided with the Indian Plate,

Which sedimentary rock would you find the most organic material like fossils
a) coal,
b) limestone,
c) dolomite

Rocks that form from cooling lava are considered to be
a) extrusive igneous rock,
b) intrusive igneous rock,
c) both extrusive and intrusive igneous rocks

What is a method commonly used to make nonrenewable resources last longer
a) deforestation,
b) recycling,
c) strip mining

All rocks are made up of
a) fossils,
b) sediments,
c) minerals

Which of the sedimentary rocks contain the greatest range in sediment size
a) rock salt,
b) conglomerates,
c) shale

Which property is most useful when identifying igneous rocks
a) mineral composition,
b) fossils,
c) crystal size

The most abundant element in the Earth’s crust is
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen,
c) nitrogen

An example of chemical weathering is
a) splitting boulders,
b) acid rain wearing down a statue
c) cleavage of minerals,

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