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Auroras, or the northern lights, are caused by....
a) solar winds
b) light reflecting off the polar caps
c) protons and neutrons from solar winds mixing with gases in the Earth's atmosphere
d) the sun

Would life be possible on the moon if there were water and the temperature was right?
a) Life would not be possible because there is not enough sunlight.
b) Life could exist only if there were more gravity on the moon.
c) With water and the correct temperature, life would be possible on the moon.
d) Life would not be possible due to no atmosphere.

If an astronaut weighs 100 pounds on the Earth, What would he weigh on the moon?
a) 200 pounds
b) 0
c) 100 pounds
d) 33 pounds

How long does it take for the moon to revolve once around the Earth?
a) 1 day
b) 7 days
c) 29.5 days
d) 365 days

Which of the following correctly describes the sun?
a) it is a planet with a rocky surface
b) it is a satellite that revolves around the planets
c) it is a planet which has nuclear reactions that produce energy
d) it is a star where nuclear reactions occur

Day and night on Earth are due to:
a) The Earth's rotation
b) The moon's orbit around the Earth
c) the Earth's revolution
d) the Earth's tilted axis

What is the central and largest body in the solar system?
a) Earth
b) Jupiter
c) sun
d) moon

What force keeps the planets in a regular and predictable motion around the sun?
a) solar energy
b) gravity
c) nuclear energy
d) circumference

Summarize why life is possible on the Earth.
a) Earth is just the right size to support both plant and animal life
b) Earth is the only planet with a magnetic field
c) Earth is larger than Mercury and Mars, but smaller than Jupiter and Saturn.
d) Earth has an atmosphere, liquid water, and a moderate temperature.

Regions of the sun that are cooler than the rest of the photosphere are known as....
a) sunspots
b) spicules
c) prominences
d) solar flares

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