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This is the study of living organisms and their nonliving environment.
a) Interact
b) Ecology
c) Environment
d) Niche

This is a part of the world identified by its plant and animal life as well as its climate.
a) Biome
b) Adaptation
c) Habitat
d) Population

A living things ability to survive in an environment is called...
a) Photosynthesis
b) Interact
c) Population
d) Adaptation

What part of the soil holds water?
a) Humus
b) Clay
c) Sand
d) Erosion

A hedgehog has quills all over its body. This is an example of...
a) Hibernation
b) Structural Adaptation
c) Camouflage
d) Migration

In parasitism...
a) One organism is helped while the other is harmed.
b) Both organisms benefit.
c) Both organisms are harmed.
d) One organism is helped while the other is unaffected.

All life depends on the process of
a) Erosion
b) Ecology
c) Community
d) Photosynthesis

What is the name of the group of the same kind of organisms living in the same place?
a) Habitat
b) Population
c) Niche
d) Biome

In an ecosystem, living things ________ with their nonliving environment.
a) Interact
b) Adapt
c) Play
d) Hide out

The _________ is everything that surrounds and affects living things
a) Niche
b) Habitat
c) Environment
d) Population

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