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Sally had the lead role in the school play. In the middle of the show she bumped into one of the props and knocked over the entire backdrop. The audience laughed applauded.
a) describe a school play
b) instruct how to act
c) persuade people to act
d) entertain with a humorous story

Furry rabbits have bushy white tails. Long whiskers stick out from their twitching little black nose. Their ears can stand up or flop down by their cute round faces.
a) persuade to buy a rabbit
b) entertain with a rabbit tale
c) describe rabbits
d) inform about rabbits' lives

Homework helps you remember what you learned makes you smarter. You will do well on your test make your parents proud. It's important to do your HW.
a) entertain
b) persuade
c) inform
d) describe

A forest is filled with the sounds of the many creatures who live there. The tall green trees form a canopy over your head.
a) describe a forest
b) inform you about forest animals
c) persuade you to go to the forest
d) entertain with a story that takes place in the forest

Dinosaurs come in all shapes sizes. Some walked on 4 legs, while others walked on 2. Some hunt other animals, but others only eat plants.
a) inform you about plant eaters
b) inform you about types of dinosaurs
c) describe the size of dinosaurs
d) entertain

To replace a battery, look where it goes. There is a + side a - side just like on the battery. Put the battery in so the + signs touch. If you don't, the item won't work.
a) instruct you how to put in a battery
b) explain why some items need batteries
c) inform you what + and - means in math
d) persuade you to use batteries

One rainy day my grandma stepped into a puddle getting out of the car. She lost her balance fell into the puddle. She was soaking wet.
a) describe a rainy day
b) inform you about grandma's day
c) persuade you not to go out in the rain
d) entertain you with a funny story

Years ago hunters saw a mammoth, but it was too big. Then they saw a deer. The deer tried to fight back but it couldn't escape their spears. These hunters are called Neanderthals.
a) inform the reader about mammoths
b) instruct you how to hunt
c) inform you about hunters long ago
d) persuade you to be a hunter

Everyone should go to the beach. You don't even have to go swimming to have fun. It's the best place to get ice-cream you can build sand castles. Don't miss out on the beach!
a) persuade
b) entertain
c) inform
d) describe

We could all use more cheer in our day. First, force yourself to laugh. Next, learn to relax. Then remember funny moments be around funny people. Finally, make others laugh.
a) describe cheerful people
b) instruct how to be more cheerful
c) entertain with a cheerful story
d) none of the choices

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