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Why is it a good idea to reduce our use of coal
a) the U.S. dependency on foreign resources ,
b) coal burning contributes to acid rain and pollution,
c) coal mining is expensive

Heat and pressure produces which type of rocks
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous,
c) Metamorphic

Igneous rocks are formed directly from
a) cementation of sediments
b) melting minerals
c) solidification of molten magma

Divergent boundaries form which type of geologic structures
a) mountains
b) islands
c) mid-ocean ridges

Compaction and cementation happens in which type of rock
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic

As the depth of the Earth increases what happens to the temperatures and pressure they
a) decrease,
b) increase
c) stay the same

The ocean crust is thought to be made up of which igneous rock
a) granite,
b) limestone
c) basalt

Which of the following natural resource is considered nonrenewable
a) trees
b) oil
c) water

What mineral property are you testing when you take a rock and try to scratch glass
a) hardness
b) cleavage,
c) color

Which mineral is the most resistant to weathering
a) quarts
b) mica
c) calcite

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