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The scientific name for a red fox is Vulpes vulpe. This refers to its:
a) genus/species
b) class/family
c) kingdom/phylum

Euglena is a protozoan that is extremely unique because it can:
a) tap dance
b) make its own food
c) live in soil

Which of the following would be considered a ‘producer?'
a) rabbit
b) hawk
c) plant

The scientific name for dog is Canis familiaris. The name Canis represent the dogs:
a) kingdom
b) species
c) genus

All scientific names consist of two unique names. This system of naming is called:
a) the alphabet
b) Linnaean systems
c) binomial nomenclature

A producer can always:
a) make its own food
b) live in water
c) go hunting when its hungry

Cyanobacteria are classified as producers because
a) they have a long name,
b) they can make their own food
c) they have a nucleus

During the carbon cycle, CO2 is removed from the air during photosynthesis and then returned to the atmosphere. How is the CO2 returned to the atmosphere?
a) precipitation from clouds
b) burning fossil fuels
c) evaporation of ocean water

Many types of fungi are classified as saprophytes. A saprophyte:
a) feeds on dead tissue
b) makes its own food
c) lives in pond water

How are fungi different than plants?
a) the are microscopic
b) they no nucleus in their cells
c) they do not have chlorophyll

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