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Which organism would be found on the bottom level of an Energy Pyramid?
a) Consumers
b) Decomposers
c) Producers

Which component of the leaf captures sunlight for photosynthesis to take place?
a) Chlorophyll
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Roots

Which organism is unicellular and has no nucleus?
a) Man
b) Bacteria
c) Fungi

The primary source of energy for all living organisms is?
a) Water
b) Oxygen
c) Sun

During the oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle, which of the following absorbs carbon dioxide from the air?
a) Plants
b) You
c) Water

Which process is the foundation for all food webs?
a) Movement
b) Photosynthesis
c) Condensation

The scientific name of a Monarch butterfly is Danaus plexipu, this refers to its:
a) Kingdom/Phylum
b) Order/Class
c) Genus/Species

Which classification level contains the largest number of organism?
a) Species
b) Genus
c) Kingdom

Carolus LInneaus is credited with creating:
a) Atomic Bomb
b) Microscope
c) Present Day Classification System

Bacteria come in three distinct shapes the bacillus bacteria is shaped like:
a) Long Tubes
b) triangles
c) Squares

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