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Equatorial Woodlands
a) Tropical Rainforest
b) Temperate Forest
c) Coniferous Forest
d) Climax community

Receives 25-75 cm annual rainfall
a) Grassland
b) taiga
c) Tundra
d) Desert

Animals that live on the ocean floor
a) Benthos
b) Neckton
c) Plankton
d) Dragton

Organisms that float in the water and move by currents
a) Plankton
b) Benthos
c) Neckton
d) Dragton

Heat energy from the Earth's interior
a) Geothermal energy
b) Oceanic Zone
c) Permafrost
d) Neritic Zone

Northernmost Biome
a) Tundra
b) Taiga
c) Deciduous Forest
d) Pampas

Region having less than 25 cm of rainfall and wide range of daily temperature differences
a) Desert
b) Tundra
c) Coniferous Forest
d) Grassland

Animals that can move freely through water
a) Neckton
b) Benthos
c) Plankton
d) Dragton

Soil that is permanently frozen in the Tundra
a) Permafrost
b) Biosphere
c) Perimitrial Frost Zone
d) Benthic

Final stage of successional development
a) Climax community
b) Primary succession
c) Secondary succesion
d) Pioneer species

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