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The attack of harmful organisms on other, larger organisms
a) Parasitism
b) Commensalism
c) Mutualism
d) Territoriality

The feeding of organism upon another
a) predation
b) biotic potential
c) commensalism
d) mutualism

The greatest number of individuals in a population that a given environmental can support under certain conditions
a) carrying capacity
b) limiting factor
c) biotic potential
d) population size

the size of a population that occupies a given area at any given point in time
a) population size
b) population density
c) population growth
d) carrying capacity

A circumstance that keeps organisms from reaching their biotic potential
a) limiting factor
b) carrying capactiy
c) social hierarchy
d) population growth curve

the pattern of behavior based on dominance and chains of command that reduce conflicts and preserve order
a) Social hierarchy
b) Predation
c) Territoriality
d) Limiting Factor

Competition among populations of different species for the same resources.
a) Interspecific competition
b) Intraspecific competition
c) Predation
d) Territoriality

Highest rate of reproducation of a population under ideal conditions
a) biotic potential
b) carrying capacity
c) interspecific competition
d) social heirarchy

The competition between members of the same species for the same resources.
a) intraspecific competition
b) interspecific competition
c) Predation
d) Parasitism

A close interaction among organisms where both species benefit.
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Parasitism
d) Symbiosis

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