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Representatives of the plebeians were called
a) consuls
b) tribunes
c) priests
d) senators

Christians stirred Roman opposition in all of the following EXCEPT:
a) rejecting Roman belief in a messiah
b) refusing to honor the emperor as a god
c) refusing to fight in the military
d) regarded their religion as the only true faith

The Roman church was founded by
a) Paul
b) Jesus
c) Pontius Pilate
d) Peter

Early Rome was divided by two main classes the
a) Plebeians and Patricians
b) Patricians and Consuls
c) Latins and Plebeians
d) Plebeians and Slaves

In 49 BC Juliu Caesar began a civil war by:
a) crossing the Alps with troops and elephants
b) adopting the Julian calendar
c) leading troops across the Rubicon River
d) driving Pompey out of Italy

Christianity was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire by
a) Theodosius
b) Claudius
c) Octavian
d) Augustine

After a rebellion in 132 AD, the Romans forbade
a) practice of monotheistic religions
b) Christians to live in Rome
c) Jews to live in Jerusalem
d) the worship of the emperor

The writings of Paul and other early Christians are collected in the
a) New Testament
b) Talmud
c) Meditations
d) Torah

The religious beliefs of republic-era Romans were greatly influenced by the beliefs of
a) Persians
b) Jews
c) Christians
d) Greeks

The Visigoth chief who captured Rome in 410 was
a) Alaric
b) Odoacer
c) Constantine
d) Attila

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