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Limstone statues with holes in them is a product of which chemical weathering agent
a) acid rain
b) carbon dioxide
c) living organisms
d) water

What weathering process could be modeled using sandpaper
a) freezing and thawing
b) oxygen
c) abrasion
d) water

The sandy beach along a coastline is a result of what
a) glacier
b) mudslide
c) waves
d) slump

A house located on a _________ will most likely _________ at some point
a) beach, flood
b) floodplain, flood
c) hill, fall down
d) hill, slump

Weathering and erosion break down a moutain, over time, by
a) chipping away the rock
b) mudflow
c) waves
d) abrasion

Kettle ponds are fowmed by
a) mudslides
b) wind erosion
c) glacial deposition
d) slump

Erosion from ocean waves, causes the hole in a sea arch to
a) get bigger
b) get smaller
c) do nothing
d) all of the above

Deposition of sediments occurs
a) in the river
b) on one side of a river
c) on either side of a river
d) in the oxbow lake

The level of rivers becomes _____________ in spring because of _________
a) higher, deposition
b) lower, too much sun
c) lower, no rain
d) higher, melting snow and ice

What force determines the flow of a river
a) gravity
b) wind
c) creep

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