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Chapter 6 Test.[print questions]

Venus took the name of which Greek God?
a) Aphrodite
b) Hun
c) Talmud
d) Cassius

Brutus and Cassius are famous for killing who?
a) Marcus Aurelius
b) Hannibal
c) Julius Caesar
d) Attila

Attila was the leader of which nomadic group?
a) Visigoths
b) Huns
c) Latins
d) Etruscans

What is the name of the Jewish law book that is still used today?
a) Bible
b) Koran
c) New Testament
d) Talmud

Which group of people overthrew the Etruscans?
a) Latins
b) Vandals
c) Saxons
d) Huns

What was the original name of Constantinople?
a) Rome
b) Sicily
c) Byzantium
d) Athens

Who was killed by his twin brother in Italy?
a) Romus
b) Remus
c) Hannibal
d) Augustine

What was the term for a Roman bishop?
a) papa
b) patriarch
c) patrician
d) plebeian

Which of the following is one of the Good Emperors?
a) Scipio
b) Hannibal
c) Brutus
d) Marcus Aurelius

What was the name of the general who used elephants to cross the Alps during the Punic Wars?
a) Hannibal
b) Scipio
c) Brutus
d) Augustine

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